Meet Cale and Bobbi

Meet Cale and Bobbi


It’s been years since Cale and Bobbi have felt like their true selves. They both had tried so many different diet plans and programs, but nothing had ever given either of them great results. Bobbi was suffering from hypothyroidism, and Cale was so out of shape from lack of exercise and poor eating habits, that he could barely work through the pain he was experiencing. With a family to support and their overall health to consider, something had to change.

That’s when Cale and Bobbi heard about the Temple Health Transformation program at Ames Chiropractic Wellness Center. After meeting with Dr. Rick in early January of 2017, Cale and Bobbi began the Temple Health Transformation program, and in just weeks, the results began to show.

“We both lost around 20 pounds and multiple inches off our waste line in just the first 3 weeks. Not to mention, we could actually feel the inflammation in our muscles and joints going away. The pain was starting to go away!” – Bobbi 2/1/17

Now, take a look at Cale and Bobbi’s latest Temple Health Transformation photos below after nearly a year on the program, and read their final thoughts on why you should start down the path to a healthier, happier life, free of inflammation and unwanted weight with Dr. Rick and the whole team at Ames Chiropractic!

“This path puts you in touch with a community, a family of support that helps you every step of the way. We thought about looking into drastic surgeries, and thankfully we realized a different path. If you’re living with pain, you’re sluggish, and have unwanted pounds bringing you down…you need to do something about it because it will get worse before it gets better. Temple Health Transformation was the answer for us!” – Bobbi

“You’ve got to think of it like a journey. Take a moment and think about where you are at, right this moment. Is that where you want to be? I’m 38 and felt like I was 70 years old. I just couldn’t live that way anymore. Now I’m living each day to its fullest, like it’s the last, and I’m happy to have that mindset and the energy to now my live life that way. If I can do this, you can too.” - Cale