Meet Marie!

"My self-care and eating habits had gone downhill for many years, and I subsequently became diabetic. My PCP said it was time for insulin, but I said I wanted one more chance to improve, and that’s when I heard about the Temple Health Nutrition - Temple Health Transformation plan from my chiropractor, Dr. Rick Ames at Ames Chiropractic in Bangor, Maine.

From the first appointment I knew this was the right path for me to restore my health. For the longest time I kept wishing I felt the way I did years ago, before diabetes. Dr. Rick at Ames Chiropractic customized a plan specifically for me and my needs, and through a combination of the Redeem product from Temple Health Nutrition, exercise, diet, chiropractic care, and support from the whole team at Ames Chiropractic, I’m a true believer, and the results speak for themselves. Just take a look at me now!

After being on the program for 4 months, I’ve lost 60 pounds…lowered my cholesterol…no longer have pain in my hips and knees…and probably the one thing that makes me the happiest about my future – I am free of all diabetic medications!

I said it before, and I’ll say it again – I’m a believer, and you can be one too!"